The whole world is suffering from coronavirus. Thousands of people have died. Many more are reported positives every day. Most of the countries are currently under lockdown. Governments have directed people to stay indoors and maintaining social distancing has become crucial in the fight against COVID-19. But some people are not taking this seriously. They are flouting rules by coming out of their homes. One such example was recently found in Australia. Along with other countries, Australia is also suffering from coronavirus pandemic. The entire country is now under lockdown. Authorities have ordered all the citizens to stay inside their homes and maintain social distancing. But few people in Victoria have taken things on a lighter side and they are paying a heavy price for the same. As per a report published in, amidst lockdown in Australia, A group of people was recently seen playing backyard cricket in Victoria and this was the most “expensive” game they ever played in their lives. According to the report, the men were fined $8K by the Victoria police for violating social distancing rules.

The video footage of the incident has become viral in social media. It appears that the men were playing cricket inside a park or reserve. The authorities in Australia are taking strict measures as far as lockdown is concerned. Anyone who is found outside for non-essential work is being fined heavily. As per reports, Those who are violating coronavirus restrictions are fined as high as $1,652 in Victoria. Police are keeping strict vigil across the state. To make sure that everyone is following the rule during these tough times, they are also conducting checks at many homes and other non-essential services. Due to coronavirus, all cricket activities have been stopped until further notice.


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