Yuzvendra Chahal has become a prominent leg spinner in the Indian cricket team. He is a regular member of the white ball set up. His journey inspires a lot of people. He started playing cricket when he was around 10 years old. He first took cricket lessons under the guidance of Randhir Singh. Interestingly Chahal and his coach, both started their career together.

During a chat with Cricbuzz Randhir revealed, “I did coaching courses from the government of India. So I had just started coaching and he just started playing cricket. So you can say both of our careers started together. As a coach for me and as a cricketer for him.”

Chala was just a 10 years old kid when he came to his coaching center. Randhir recalls Chahal had come for a district cricket match. He stood out in his very first match and the coach knew that this kid can go a long way. Randhir said, “He had come for a district match. And he bowled well in that. He was so small then and a slight build. By chance, the umpire in that match was my coach. He praised this boy a lot. He asked who is he and all. It is from there in my eyes. I took him seriously.”

Chahal was originally from a small town called Jind. It lacks proper cricket infrastructure. So after showing some of his potentials as a kid, Chahal had to move to Delhi for playing professional cricket as the infrastructure in the national capital. He played under 14 for the Haryana. Then gradually Chahal went on to play for the Ranji Trophy and then IPL. His consistency brought him to the Indian cricket team. Chahal is a fun-loving guy. But when it comes to the sport, he is extremely disciplined. Randhir added, “Discipline was always his good quality. If you tell him there is a match at 8 am, so even though might joke around but in all seriousness, even if he slept at 4 am, you would find him 8 am on the ground. He has always been like that. He would never be late.”

So what makes Chahal special as a bowler? According to his coach, it’s a pure talent that his disciple has. He also believes, playing chess has helped Chahal to keep his mind sharp. That’s why he can play mind games with some batsman. And the young Indian spinner is never afraid of challenges. His childhood coach Randhir went on to say, “He might be skinny but he has a big heart. If you see him bowling, he is never afraid of getting hit for a six. You hit him 2, 3, 6. He has a funda. He says, how many the batsman can hit. There are 6 balls in an over. Like in the IPL, In the first match, Yuvraj hit 3 sixes but got out in the fourth.  And he got him on the same ball that got hit for the 3 sixes. He has a quality that he always gets

the good batsmen out. He gets few tail-enders wickets.”


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