Cricket is the most popular and most loved game in India. There is no doubt about it. Cricket is almost always in the news in our country. Since the coronavirus outbreak, all the cricketing actions have come to a standstill. Much awaited Indian Premier League (IPL) 2020 has already been postponed until further notice. It seems like cricket fans have to wait for some time before they get to see their favorite players on the pitch. Meanwhile, as cricket is not happening right now, most of the cricketers are spending quality time at home. This much-needed break also provided them an opportunity to relax a bit. In this quarantine period, many cricketers seen interacting with fans on social media. Some of them have also taken part in a Q&A session on Twitter or gone live on Instagram.

There are many popular and intriguing sagas about Team India. Recently one of them was revealed by none other than the talented bowler Yuzvendra Chahal. Indian vice-captain Rohit Sharma is known to be a very good person on and off the field. He is a chilled out guy. Even though now he has become a senior in the Indian team, he doesn’t have any problem mixing with the young lot. During a chat with Cricbuzz, Yuzvendra Chahal was asked that he has the reputation of being one of the most mischievous guys in the Indian cricket team. What he has to say about this? To which Yuzvendra Chahal answered, “My thing is that I want to keep the atmosphere lively. Because some will perform, some won’t. So I feel good if I can lift the spirits of someone who’s feeling down. So that they have fun and forget what’s worrying them. Anyway, I enjoy teasing people. Especially Rohita Sharma.”

Who is Rohita Sharma?

Now you must be wondering like many others, who is Rohita Sharma? Chahal revealed that he calls Rohit Sharma by that name. But why? Chahal explained how he got to know about the name. The leg spinner said a senior Indian cricket, whose name he said can’t be revealed, had saved Rohit Sharma’s number in his mobile phone as ‘Rohita Sharama’! And he thinks that’s the correct name. The senior cricketer has a problem with writing people’s names. And when Chahal came to know about this, since then he calls the Indian vice-captain by that name and both seem chilled about it.


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