Biswajit Manna

Shoaib Akhtar is one of the greatest fast bowlers that the game has ever seen. He may have retired from international cricket but he is still fit and doesn’t like to sit back home for too long. 

Since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out back in March, he has been actively taking part in awareness campaigns as to how we can keep the deadly virus at bay. Akhtar has criticized people for leading an unhealthy lifestyle. He had said, if we maintain a healthy lifestyle, we need not worry about COVID-19.

The former Pakistan pacer never shies away from expressing his views openly. Being a fitness freak himself, he always emphasizes on staying fit. He recently went for a run near his house in Islamabad. As he finished his running two teenagers approached the former pace bowler and appealed for a selfie. But Rawalpindi Express had something else in mind! He asked the two kids to run for a few minutes at the ground and then only he would oblige the kids.

Shoaib Akhtar captured the entire episode on camera and uploaded the video on his YouTube channel. He appealed, “Please try to go out there and run. Get your heart-rate above 170. I just ran for 5 kilometers in this unbearable heat.”

Akhter also predicted that not many people will die due to coronavirus in India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. According to him, most people of these countries have a strong immunity system. He also mentioned the fact that young people have not been affected by COVID-19. And the main reason is that their immunity is very powerful. 

Akhter rued on the fact that there are so many gardens in Islamabad but only foreigners are spotted running over there. Any Pakistani is hardly seen doing this in the capital city of the country.


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