Liam Plunkett is one of the most experienced bowlers of England cricket team. He was part of the last year’s World Cup-winning squad. Though the 35-year-old pacer hasn’t played any game since then. He is married to an American woman and plans to settle in the US in the future. Not only that, but the England national team’s player might also end up representing the US at the highest level of cricket as well.

As per a report published on BBC, the pacer has expressed his willingness to play for the USA. The Americas have earned their ODI status in this year as well. So, are we going to see Plunkett donning the national jersey of another country? “It would be nice to be involved in some sort of cricket over there. My kids might be American, so it would be quite cool to say to them that I played for England and the US,” said Plunkett as quoted by BBC.

Though the process is not easy. Plunkett has to spend a three year residency period to be eligible to play for USA. “If I go over there and end up being a US citizen, or have a green card, I can help the development, especially being someone who has just finished with England. It would be nice to get involved in that,” said Plunkett.

ECB has recently asked 55 players to return to training and his name was not included in that list. So it would be safe to say that considering his age, England is probably looking to bring in more young blood into the team. Hence Plunkett can think of exploring other avenues. “After the World Cup I had a brief chat with management and they didn’t really say I wouldn’t be involved – it was left a bit up in the air – and the selections for last winter, I found out on Twitter I wasn’t involved which obviously disappointed me,” said Plunkett.


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