Due to the spread of coronavirus, all sporting events including cricket have been put on hold. The 13th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) was scheduled to start from 29th March. But the COVID-19 pandemic did not allow the tournament to go ahead as planned. BCCI decided to postpone IPL 2020 until 15th April. Meanwhile, India is currently under lockdown which is likely to be extended. In the present scenario, hosting IPL 2020 looking extremely difficult. There have been suggestions that the tournament can be held behind closed doors if the situation does not improve. Not only IPL, but the upcoming ICC T20 World Cup 2020 is also looking uncertain as the host country Australia is currently under lockdown because of coronavirus. As a precautionary measure, the Aussie government has closed its borders to the outside world. If this goes on for the next couple of months, then ICC has to think about the future of the T20 World Cup which is supposed to take place in October-November.

Now, Australian cricketer, Glenn Maxwell has said, IPL 2020 can be organized behind closed doors. But the same can’t be done for the T20 World Cup. According to him, the global T20 tournament shouldn’t be held without spectators. “…it’s going to be hard for us to have crowds. I think if IPL goes ahead they can probably survive without any crowds. But I can’t see the T20 World Cup surviving without any people out there”, Maxwell told ABC Grandstand as quoted by  Times of India.

India-South Africa ODI series has already been canceled. Apart from that, various other cricket series across the world has also been put on hold. Nobody knows when normalcy would return to the cricket field. Maxwell feels that it would be hard for them to justify having a World Cup where people will not be able to go to the grounds.


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